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"Good quality, concise, sound recommendations. Not looking to load you down with extra compliance issues, just gives you what you need to do it right and avoid litigation"

"Jim and his team were thorough and professional. I am able to use their hotline for any of my compliance needs"

"Great structured courses are made available to all employees at our dealership that provide a wealth of knowledge"

"Unbiased third-party with in depth compliance knowledge. Provides comprehensive reporting and recommendations"

"I think it's good to have a compliance audit from an outside consultant for sales and service at least once a year. Jim Radogna and his team are the best I've seen"

"The compliance audits have helped our dealerships stay up to code on all levels. They also provide insight into any possible future issues we may have questions regarding"

"Great knowledge and very thorough"

"Jim is not only a knowledgable car guy, he is an asset to your dealership for a multitude of reasons. He not only has his initial audit to point out all the things that escape a watchful eye during day to day monotony, he also spot checks after you instill the changes necessary to make your dealership compliant. He is similar to a "sixth man" in the NBA. His services are invaluable, his knowledge is second to none, and his value is priceless. Thanks Jim for all you do."

Dealer Compliance Consultants, Inc. specializes in affordable compliance resources and education for Automobile, Truck, RV, and Powersports dealers throughout the United States and Canada. We also provide compliance support to F&I Providers, Advertising & Marketing Agencies, Insurance Companies and other firms that serve these dealers.

Our dynamic team of compliance consultants consists of seasoned attorneys, educators, employment law specialists and automotive professionals with decades of hands-on experience in dealership operations. We are not only experts in the regulations and laws that affect today's dealerships, but we genuinely understand the challenges that dealers must contend with to protect their organizations.  Our experience has taught us that most legal issues faced by dealerships result from innocent mistakes or oversights made by personnel who are not fully aware of the countless regulations that dealers must comply with. 

Traditionally, a culture of legal compliance hasn't been easy to establish or maintain in many organizations. The responsibility for legal compliance often falls on the dealership's general manager or perhaps the finance director, HR director or business manager. Sometimes the personnel assigned the responsibility for compliance in the dealership have received some training in dealing with legal issues.  However, in some areas, the compliance officers may be uncertain about exactly what they are responsible for, and aren't sure where to start. In addition, employee turnover and time demands may make it difficult, if not impossible, for these administrators to stay on top of their compliance duties. 

Dealer Compliance Consultants is a leader in compliance resources and education for the automotive industry.  Our mission is to assist auto dealerships, both large and small, in establishing and sustaining a culture of ethics and compliance. Our time saving, cost-effective solutions are easily integrated into the dealership's everyday operations, so employees can focus on selling and servicing vehicles while enhancing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Jim Radogna, President & CEOBefore founding Dealer Compliance Consultants, Jim Radogna developed a strong background in dealership operations, having spent over 15 years in dealership management. His experience includes working in diversified roles including sales manager, F&I director, general manager, and training director. In addition, he served as compliance officer for a large auto group, where he developed and integrated a comprehensive compliance program. Being well-versed in all aspects of dealership operations, Jim and his team have used their knowledge and industry experience to develop unique, no-nonsense compliance and reputation management solutions for automobile dealerships of all sizes. These programs are designed to not only protect dealerships from liability, but also greatly enhance the company’s reputation, increase profitability through consistent processes, and increase customer satisfaction and retention.
Jim is a sought-after speaker and frequent contributor to several automotive industry publications including Dealer Magazine, WardsAuto, Auto Dealer Monthly, DrivingSales Dealership Innovation Guide, AutoSuccess, and F&I Magazine.

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