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California Auto Dealer Sales Department Legal Compliance Training
Auto dealers in California today are not only faced with a mind-boggling array of rules and regulations, but with an abundance of attorneys who specialize in consumer law. 
  • Numerous court decisions have indicated that employers must take all reasonable steps to assure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Compliance training is the most practical way to avoid or limit damages if non-compliance should occur despite preventative efforts.
  • Dealerships have paid billions of dollars to plaintiffs and attorneys to defend and settle regulatory actions and  lawsuits. It's conceivable that without proper training it's a matter of "WHEN" rather than "IF" your dealership will face such a claim.
This is the most comprehensive, affordable online compliance training program available.  Now you can protect your dealership by giving your staff the tools they need to do their job correctly and legally at an incredibly low price.

Over 60 different topics are covered, including F&I, advertising and much more.

This dynamic training program covers the laws and regulations that your staff needs to know about in order to operate a profitable, compliant sales department in California today.  Insure consistent processes so that deals run smoother, contracts in transit are reduced and customers are happier.  The lessons include F&I compliance, advertising rules and violations, warranties, Car Buyer Bill of Rights and much more.  This course is highly recommended for everyone involved in the vehicle sales process - GMs, GSMs, F&I directors & managers, sales managers, sales consultants, internet department, marketing staff, and office personnel - anyone who interacts with consumers, deals with advertising, or processes deals.  Acts of noncompliance often begin when a misinformed sales representative promises a buyer something that the dealership can't deliver.


unfair & deceptive practicespayment packingnew or used?
vehicle history disclosurecertified vehicleshidden finance charges
car buyers bill of rightspre-contract disclosurescredit score disclosure
feescredit applicationssuspicious activity reports
credit reportsadverse action noticesvehicle purchase proposals
single document ruledeferred down paymentsnegative equity
retail installment contractsvehicle lease agreementscontract rescissions
re-written contractscontract disclosuresforeign language translations
contract cancellation optionco-signer noticecredit card surcharges
privacy noticesinformation safeguardsOFAC screening
cash reportingcredit records retentionverifying customer identity
advertising violationsavailability of vehiclesbait & swith advertising
guaranteed financingvehicle history advertisingdown payment advertising
duty to sell at advertised pricewithdrawal of adsposting of ads
former price comparisonsfree goods and servicesguaranteed trade-in allowances
advertised vehicle picturesinvoice or cost advertisingoral statements as advertising
rebates and cash backaddendumsunderselling claims
price guaranteesprice advertisingused car buyers guide
warrantiessmog certificationFTC used car rule
do not call rulesposted signs and noticesdealer plates
front license plate bracketsthe 7,500 mile ruleselling to minors
offsite salesconsignment sales
  • This entertaining and informative on-line program was developed for dealerships of all sizes by attorneys and automotive professionals with real-life dealership experience.  The interactive training content supplies information that is easy to understand and apply. Lesson features include actual court case histories from today's headlines as well as engaging videos.  
  • Administrators are able to effectively and easily manage all training - making program implementation easy. No more waiting for next year's training session - new-hires can be trained immediately.
  • Topics are divided into short, easy-to-follow segments to insure complete comprehension and quick learning.  Employees gain the knowledge they need in a short period of time.
  • Interactive content covers the federal and state laws and regulations that affect your dealership, including California's Car Buyer's Bill of Rights.
  • Provides flexibility to fit your employees' individual schedule and pace, and actively engages trainees in the learning process.  The self-paced delivery system and bookmark feature allows  learners to easily return to their place in the lesson.
  • Ensures that ALL employees are trained and in compliance.  Get new-hires up to speed quickly.  Your staff can learn at their own pace - and administrators can monitor their progress every step of the way.  
  • Highlights actual dealership cases from California and around the country that provide examples of real situations and help your staff understand the importance of maintaining a legally compliant organization.
  • Engaging and challenging quiz questions require learners to test their knowledge of legal compliance in real-life.  Employers can be certain that their staff members understand the material and prove that the training was completed.  This can go a long way towards developing a culture of compliance, showing good faith to regulators and courts, and helping to avoid damages. 
  • After completing the training course and passing the tests, employees will download and sign a Dealership Compliance Policy/Code of Ethics which may constitute the dealership's own compliance policy and make the employee personally accountable for his or her actions.