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Is Your Dealership Exposed? Does Your Staff Really Know What It Takes To Protect The Company Against Legal Troubles?

How certain are you that your staff...

  • Always fully disclose all necessary information to customers?
  • Always execute all paperwork completely and fully?
  • Never create or participate in a hostile work environment?
  • Always sell vehicles at the advertised price whether the customer knows of the ad price or not?
  • Never over-allow or raise the selling price to cover negative equity on trade-ins?
  • Never add sub-prime acquisition fees to the selling price of a vehicle?
  • Always provide a copy of the written privacy policy to sales customers?
  • Always check OFAC's SDN list before conducting business with all customers?
  • Always provide adverse action letters to customers when needed?
  • Always report cash transactions over $10,000
  • Always send timely Rescission Notices when necessary?
  • Never backdate re-written contracts?
  • Always charge the correct fees?
  • Always properly disclose deferred downpayments?
  • Always properly disclose prior vehicle history?
  • Always comply with foreign language translation requirements when necessary?
  • Never run credit checks without proper authorization?

More importantly, are you certain that these activities NEVER occur at your dealership?

  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Payment packing
  • Falsifying credit applications
  • Forgery
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Power booking
  • Straw purchases
  • Deceptive business practices

Does your dealership...

  • Have a written Compliance Code of Ethics?
  • Have a written Anti-Harassment Policy?
  • Provide regular harassment prevention training to employees?
  • Have written Information Safeguards Program?
  • Have a written Identity Theft Protection Program?
  • Have a Social Media Policy?
  • Post both sides of the Buyer's Guide on all used vehicles, including demos and unwinds?
  • Provide customers with proper contact information on the Buyer's Guide?
  • Have an internal Do-Not-Call list and a written Do-Not-Call policy?
  • Have a form 8300 cash reporting policy?
  • Rely on third party vendors to determine whether advertising violates the law?
  • Send unsolicited e-mails, faxes or text messages without permission or without instructions on how to unsubscribe?
If you're not sure that you have the right answers to these questions, it's time for a Dealership Risk Evaluation Audit. It doesn't cost much, but it could save you a fortune.

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