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Auto Dealer Harassment Prevention Training
Keeping your Employees properly trained on harassment prevention doesn't have to be difficult or costly

  • Finally, an easy-to-administer, affordable harassment training solution custom-designed for auto dealership employees.
  • Interactive content brings your dealership into compliance with all state and federal training mandates, including California*, Connecticut and Maine required harassment training.  View State Training Requirements
  • This program is designed to coach your employees on the complex challenges of today's workplace so that your dealership can avoid one of the costliest types of lawsuits.
  • Federal and state laws require that employers take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring. Harassment training is the most practical way to avoid or limit damages if harassment should occur despite preventative efforts.
  • U.S. companies have paid billions of dollars to plaintiffs and attorneys to defend and settle harassment and discrimination lawsuits. It's conceivable that without proper training it's a matter of "WHEN" rather than "IF" your dealership will face such a claim.
  • States such as California, Connecticut and Maine now require that employers provide sexual harassment training for all supervisors. However, federal guidelines recommend that all employees, including non-supervisory, should receive training.  Staff members at every level should be responsible for maintaining a harassment-free workplace.
  • Employees will be trained using dozens of realistic dealership scenarios showing them how uncomfortable harassment situations can be to all workers and what can be done to avoid, prevent and stop harassment from occurring.  Scenarios help improve learners' retention and ability to apply what they've learned .
  • This entertaining and informative on-line program is authored by employment law experts and automotive professionals with decades of real-life dealership experience. The information is easy to understand and apply. In addition to dozens of dealership scenarios from every department, the interactive training content includes actual court case histories from today's headlines  as well as engaging videos. 
  • Current topics such as sexual harassment, gender issues, personal inquiries, compliments, sexual favoritism, religious diversity, workplace romance, discrimination and much more are covered.  The course emphasizes not only compliance with the law but also common-sense rules for creating a healthy work environment. 
  • Lessons go beyond sexual harassment to cover additional protected classes such as race, disability and sexual orientation. 
  • Provides flexibility to fit your employees' individual schedule and pace, and actively engages trainees in the learning process. The self-paced delivery system and bookmark feature allows learners to easily return to their place in the lesson. Your staff can learn at their own pace and administrators can monitor their progress every step of the way. 
  • Ensures that ALL employees are trained and in compliance. No more waiting for next year's training session for those who missed it. Get new-hires up to speed quickly. 
  • Engaging and challenging quiz questions require learners to test their knowledge of what can constitute harassment and discrimination in real-life. Students must answer test questions correctly in order to complete the course.
  • Administrators are able to effectively and easily manage all training -  making program implementation easy. Comprehensive training records records are established and maintained for every employee. Availability of these records adds significant credibility to the dealership's assetion of reasonable care as an affirmative defense. 
  • After completing the course and passing the tests, employees will download and sign a Certificate of Completion to provide proof of training and make the employee personally accountable for his or her actions.