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On-Site Dealership Risk Evaluation Audit

Our team will work with your senior management to uncover any potential compliance red flags such as advertising violations, payment packing concerns, improper contract disclosures, vehicle history representations, falsified credit information and much more.  This affordable solution costs a fraction of what many firms charge for a compliance audit and it's guaranteed - if we don't uncover at least 5 significant compliance issues during our visit, your audit is free.  More Information

Complete Red Flags Solutions

Identity theft is a hot-button issue with the Federal Trade Commission and dealers are now required to comply with the Red Flags Rule. We now offer an affordable, complete turn-key program to get your dealership Red Flag compliant quickly and easily. We will create a customized Identity Theft Prevention Program as well as training materials for your dealership as required by the FTC's Red Flags Rule. This is not only a template - we do all of the work for you.  All you need to do is have your staff review the easy-to-follow training materials that we provide and you'll be Red Flag Compliant.  All of this for an incredibly low price with no monthly fees
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Advertising/Marketing Compliance Reviews

Advertising and marketing compliance is perhaps the most substantial legal challenge that dealerships face today. Many dealers run into trouble with their advertising and marketing because staff members or outside vendors are not aware of the countless federal and state laws that regulate these areas. For an incredibly low price, our consultants will conduct detailed reviews of all of your radio, television, print, website, internet, and social media advertising for compliance with Truth in Lending, deceptive trade practices and other applicable regulations. In addition, we'll assess your digital marketing initiatives including email, text message marketing and more. You'll receive written reports of all findings with recommendations for reducing your risks. It's likely that you spend many thousands of dollars on your advertising and marketing campaigns; doesn’t it make sense to spend a little more to make sure it’s legal?  Contact Us.

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Paperwork Review

We will conduct a review of all dealership forms for compliance risk and other potential issues. DCC will make recommendations for changes to reduce compliance risk and enhance dealership operations.  Contact Us.

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Compliance Policies & Procedures

Having written policies  in place at your dealership is a crucial step towards compliance. Compliance obligations and risks remain with the dealer. Therefore, be sure that your dealership has the requisite compliance policies in place, such as Anti-Harassment, F&I, Privacy, Information Safeguards, and Red Flags policies. Federal Sentencing Guidelines permit judges to reduce fines or penalties up to 95% if a company can establish that it has effective compliance and ethics programs in place. The next steps needed to protect the dealership are;  train employees on compliance issues on a regular basis; keep a copy of the employee’s signature indicating that they have received dealership training, understand the dealership’s policies, and will abide by those policies. Dealer Compliance Consultants will work with you to establish or update written policies and procedures for the dealership including a company Code of Ethics.  Contact Us.

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Human Resources Solutions

Our HR specialists and attorneys will help you to cut through the complexities of human resource and labor laws, find answers to your questions, and solutions to the challenges your organization faces.  Whether you need to create or update an employee handbook, have  compliance questions,  or are in need of affordable human resources training solutions, our team is here to help.  Contact Us.

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