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A Courtroom is Not the Place to Learn About Legal Compliance... Now You Can Train & Certify Your Entire Staff For A Fraction of The Cost  Of Traditional Programs

It's absolutely essential to keep a dealership's staff well-informed about all of the laws and regulations governing the auto industry. Ongoing training is necessary to help maintain compliance with stringent federal and state legal requirements. New laws are enacted continually that affect the way a dealership must run its business. Not only are dealerships required to abide by these regulations, but they must keep their personnel well-informed on their legal responsibilities. As an example, rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court indicate that if an employer exercises reasonable care in order to prevent workplace harassment and discrimination, it may be able to avoid liability for unlawful harassment claims.

A Well-Trained Staff Is Not Only Your Best Line of Defense Against Lawsuits and Regulatory Actions, but Allows You To Increase Customer Satisfaction & Protect Your Bottom Line Through Consistent Processes. Ensure That Deals Run Smoother, Contracts In Transit Are Reduced and Customers Are Happier.

Many dealership legal issues result from employees making poor decisions because they do not understand the laws. 
One of the best ways to protect your dealership is to implement and document a comprehensive training program for all managers and employees.

Courts have upheld that "just having a policy and posters does not excuse a company from initial and follow up training of their employees".

Training needs to be more than a one-time event due to staff turnover, new laws and constantly changing F&I products.
Just having a manager take “the new guy” under his wing to “show him the ropes” or requiring that the the new-hire read lengthy, boring training manuals simply doesn’t cut it in today’s fast-paced and litigious world. Let's face it - this type of training kills productivity. How many hours do you or your personnel spend training new employees? Don't you think your is time better spent elsewhere? There must be a more efficient way!

Training seminars are probably not the answer either. They tend to be difficult for both personnel and management. 
On-site or off-site seminars are generally very expensive, inconvenient and can't provide both complete penetration and repetition. Often, when the program is over and the slides are put away, the audience goes home with their notes and a few memories, but very little retention. Additionally, seminars often cannot offer full protection from legal liability - that is, the ability to provide proof that training was completed, and accurate data on how well the material was understood.
In order to adequately protect themselves, dealers must be able to document not only completed employee training but also successful testing. 

Convenience - Cost Effectiveness - Accountability

The solution is simple - we offer a cost-effective, turn-key training solution. Our courses are web-based, meaning their on-line features are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week on any computer.  On-line training allows access to a course whenever it is convenient for a student. This flexibility allows staff to complete training any time or anywhere they desire and repeat or redo sections that they do not understand or would like to check up on. It also allows new hires to catch up on old training without the need to take everyone through it again. Most importantly, the training can be tracked by management to insure accountability.

Now you can train your entire staff,
including new-Hires,
for one incredibly low price.
No Activation Fees or Monthly Fees.
  • Interactive online training is the best way to gain knowledge, stay current and train new employees.  It accomodates different learning styles, promotes knowledge through a variety of activities, and delivers standardized, consistent instruction.

  • Save time and money - our e-learning courses are extremely cost efficient. There are no set-up costs and no monthly fees.  Plus, you eliminate the expense and inconvenience of having the instructor and students in the same place. According to Training Magazine, corporations save between 50–70% when replacing instructor-led training with electronic content delivery. Opting for e-training also means that courses can be pared into shorter sessions and spread out over several days or weeks so that the business would not lose an employee for entire days at a time.

  • Train your entire staff for one low price - Harassment claims and compliance issues occur at every employee level, not just supervisory. Yet, many times it is only the managers who get trained.  Hostile work environment claims are often between co-workers and legal claims may be made against salespeople. Training employees at all levels helps create a strong culture of  compliance and ethics.

  • On-demand availability enables students to complete training conveniently at off-hours or from home if necessary.  Convenient for employees to access any time, any place.  All courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not only when an instructor is available to give a course.  

  • Increased retention - E-learning averages an increase of 50 to 60 percent over traditional classroom methods.  Employees must correctly answer test questions before completing the courses.  On-line Training is the best way to refresh knowledge, stay current, and train new employees.

  • Self-pacing can accomodate slow or quick learners, reduces stress, and increases satisfaction. Employees can learn at the rate they prefer.  Allows flexible time, place, and privacy for training while giving employees more control over their learning process; they can better understand the material, leading to a 60% faster learning curve, compared to instructor-led training.  The bookmark feature allows learners to easily return to their place in the lesson.

  • Our courses are authored by attorneys and auto industry veterans who have real life experience in dealership operations.  These programs keep learners engaged with  interesting, compelling content that educates and is entertaining. Learning is reinforced with case histories and scenarios that provide examples of real-life situations to help employees understand how and why the information is important to your organization. 

  • A "Help Desk" feature allows employees to e-mail questions to an instructor and receive a response within 48 hours.

  • Administrators will be able to effectively (and painlessly) manage all training - making program implementation easy and ensuring success.  Our Learning Management System tracks the progress an individual has made in a course, and their scores on any exams. This ensures that every employee reaches a level of mastery.  Staff members cannot complete the training until they've understood the material completely and passed a test .  In addition, the system will automatically e-mail training reminders to staff members at pre-determined intervals.

  • Proof of completion and certification, essential elements of training initiatives, are automated and permanently stored in the Learning Management System. Administrators have access to multiple training reports.

  • After completing the training course and passing the tests, employees will download and sign a Dealership Compliance Policy/Code of Ethics which may constitute your dealership's own compliance policy and make the employee personally accountable for his or her actions.  Availability of these records adds significant credibility to the dealership's assertion of reasonable care as an affirmative defense.

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